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Painting Practice is rather like a very fine wine. Exquisite taste, a hugely enriching experience, which leaves a wonderful taste in the mouth. Black Mirror would be just another boring sci-fi series without the extraordinary talent and contribution made by the talented folks at PP. 


Barney Reisz, Producer (Black Mirror, The Rack Pack)

I've known the team at Painting Practice a long time so I was incredibly grateful to get their support on my first feature film. A constant source of creative ideas and solutions. Fun to work with and real collaborators. A great company - and always good company. Apart from Dan.


Own Harris, Director (Kill Your Friends, Black Mirror -  San Junipero, Be Right Back)

James Foster (Senior Art Dir on Beauty and the Beast) suggested we get Dan and the team at Painting Practice in to help us with our massive and detailed build of the Beast's Castle. It was an amazing collaboration, both creatively and technically. It moved our vision forward in a clear and credible way and proved to be a fantastically strong guide for the VFX houses in post.


Sarah Greenwood, Production Designer (Beauty and the Beast)

Working with Painting Practice on Nike: The Last Game was a great experience for me as a director. The team is thorough in their research, highly collaborative and have the talent to give a broad range of execution styles. They are a big reason why The Last Game was so well received. The art direction that they brought to the table gave the film its unique character and really helped set the tone for the piece. I'm lucky to have had them as part of my team and I'm always looking for new projects that we can collaborate on. Dan May smells though and they should do something about that.


Jon Saunders, Director (Nike: The Last Game)

Painting practice. Soup to Nuts. Thick soup. Big nuts. All you need!


Pontus Lowenhielm, Director (3 Mobile - Tupperzik)

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