Month: October 2020

Tuesday interviews – Gabby Leon, Graphic Designer.

This week we talk to the wonderful Gabrielle about her role as Graphic Designer and Researcher, her professional path and some advices for younger graphic designers!

Gabby, portrait.
– Hi Gabby (or do you prefer Gabrielle), thanks for taking some time to discuss with us today! What would you say a Graphic Designer role entails for working in Film and TV? 
Heya, Gabby is fine thanks! 
I’m a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to design, and have been transitioning from the “real world” of branded graphics into the far more fun world of Film & TV, so my work with PP has been a bit of image research, koora creating pitches and presentations as well as some graphics to be used in concept art. So far what I’ve learnt is that the most important things are a great working knowledge of your craft, be it hand drawn or digital, fabulous research skills, a positive attitude and the ability to work to a deadline, no matter how tight.
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–  Yes deadlines… everyone’s favourite thing! How did you come to be in this position today, was it something that was pre-
planned or did you also have to work on different roles to get where you are today?
I spent the first 8 years of my career working as a multi-disciplinary designer, both in house for brands, in design agencies and as a freelancer, and it’s those skills that help me get into working with PP. That and a great contact, Erica, who has been an amazing friend, mentor and resource in helping me get into the industry. Right now I’m still working towards doing graphic design for film & TV; doing research, learning the skills and safari building my network, but I have been lucky enough to work on some sci-fi shorts which should be coming out later this year, as well as some adverts here and there!
– Which show/film or general project have you been on makes you the most proud of your work/you like the most? 
I am loving working on His Dark Materials, even though none of my contributions are in the show yet. It’s amazing to see how the team all works together to build such a massive world that is so detailed and immersive. 
– Do you have any advice for people wanting to follow in your steps? 
It’s never too late to change careers! Just because you didn’t start working in film & TV when you left art school (or never went to art school) doesn’t mean it’s not for you. But also that it’s all a process, you can’t expect to arrive in your dream job without a bit of hustle, a lot of hard work and some patience.
– Thank you so much Gabby, I know you’re quite busy and we appreciate you taking the time!

His Dark Materials – Season 2 Official Trailer

We’re delighted to show the world the official trailer for His Dark Materials Season 2.

Once again,  many of our team worked on His Dark Materials Series 2, including Joel Collins as Production Designer and Dan May as VFX Art Director and Previs Supervisor.

His Dark Materials will premiere on HBO the 16th of November 2020.

For more information on His Dark Materials, you can find the press release HERE.

Tuesday interviews – Franklin Chan, Concept Artist/Matte Painter.

Here we start our series of interviews with various artists from different levels of seniority and backgrounds! 

We will be exploring Artist’s parcours, career paths, and artistic choices. 

Today we talk to Franklin Chan, Concept Artist and Matte Painter, who has worked with us on many projects including the most recent His Dark Materials.

Franklin Chan, Concept Artist

– Hi Franklin! To start, how long have you been a concept artist for, and has it always been something you wanted to do?

– Hi! I have been a concept artist for almost 5 years. I started out as a matte painter and 3D artist, and gradually transitioned into this role.  I guess I always had an interest in drawing and design as a kid, but never knew this job existed until I got my foot into the industry. When I witnessed how ideas were put together and the process of turning these ideas into the final product, I realised this is something I want to be a part of.

– Exciting! So which would you say was your favourite piece you created, and why? 

– Growing up in the city, I am always fascinated by the sense of massive scale, futuristic architecture and the beautiful neon lights in the dark, so I really enjoy painting cyberpunk scenes whenever I can.
It’s pretty difficult for me to just pick one favourite piece, but here are a few I’ve done recently that I really enjoy working on (in attachement to the article)
Franklin Chan, All Rights Reserved.

– I’m so in love with this style too, being myself a big geek and into futuristic sci-fi! So, to conclude, do you have any advice for people looking to get into the profession? 

 – Keep working on your portfolio and keep learning new things. This industry changes fast and the top guys are always coming up with new ways to generate ideas, so keep an eye out for what’s out there.
I always get asked how to get into the industry if you lack experience and it always seems like a catch 22 thing, but you can actually do your own project and learn a lot from it. Being a concept artist is about
iterating your ideas and pushing them forward, so don’t get too hung up on just one piece of concept art, instead try to demonstrate your thought process with a series of concepts in your portfolio. Lastly, don’t forget to keep honing your fundamentals, perspective, anatomy, lighting, etc, because there is no point having good ideas if you don’t know how to illustrate them 🙂

Thanks Franklin, it was great to talk! 

Franklin Chan, All Rights Reserved.


Franklin Chan, All Rights Reserved.


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