Dan May


Dan May co-founded Painting Practice to help pursue his passion for the combined worlds of art department and visual effects. His diverse roles over the company’s 12-year history have reflected this ambition.

Most recently Dan completed work on the HBO/BBC show His Dark Materials as a VFX Art Director, Andy Serkis’ Jungle Book, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Emmy award winning Watership Down as a Sequence director.

Dan also loves Animation. In 2014, he had the opportunity to work with Passion Pictures as Production Designer on Nike’s epic 5-minute world cup commercial “The Last Game”.

Over the next ten-years Dan hopes to push the company further while retaining the core ethos on which it was built. As a Designer, Art Director and VFX Artist, Dan is always looking for new and exciting ways to simplify and improve the process of filmmaking, by optimising concept art, previs and postvis pipelines and transforming the world of VR into a new tool for filmmakers thanks to his new app Plan V.
When not burning his eyes in front of a computer screen Dan likes to surf, hike and box.

Over the years Dan has shared his success with Bafta Nominations in Production design for Black Mirror, a Bafta wins for Best VFX for Day of the Triffids and an Art Directors Guild wins for Gravity, Beaty and the Beast and Black Mirror.



Watership Down Coming Soon
Black Mirror
Beauty and the Beast COMING SOON
3 Mobile Tupperzik
Quantum of Solace
A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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